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Guest ZootHornRollo


I have been having some issues with my HTC Stellar (unlocked).

Whenever i try to send/receive email from my yahoo account i get 'error syncronising' error in bar at bottom of outlook screen and a bubble appears at the top of the screen with 'Cannot Connect : Cannot connect with current connection settings. To change settings....'

I am using a T-mobile SIM card, I previously used the same SIM card in a Vario II and had no issues.

When i am connected via WiFi i can send/receive with no problems so my email settings are fine. It is only when i try to connect through the phone comms.

Any idea's?

Could it be something to do with it being an o2 phone and using a tmobile sim? all other comms work fine. i can access internet, SMS etc with no problems.

any way to change the settings used for connecting to email?

Any help appreciated.

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