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Rather serious Touch HD screen problem!

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest sztupy

Heh... my digital camera had the same error once. Itás LCD became upside-down and blurry. Had to drop it to the floor again, and it repaired itself :rolleyes:

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Guest dr_nick

this feature might actually be useable if harnessable...

consider if you will your device on the car dashboard in dark conditions - your mirror image screen would project a rather cool HUD onto the windscreen... (prob just outside of vision for safety)

I have had this idea for some time but have no way of temporarily mirroring the screen.

this could be auto enabled by such quality applications as phonealarm and we could even come up with some kind of simplified and and size/contrast enhanced image?


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You got gyrator or similar installed? I can do that with mine if I hold it the wrong way up. Oh, hold on a minute, yours is actually back to front as well! :)

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Guest hazelways

Er, helpful! Repair time methinks!



I have the same exact problem with my Imate Jasjar. It started after the technician fixed the power jack. The screen flickered and eventually I got an inverted picture as well as tabs. I noticed the reset button didn't work anymore and that some keys on the keyboard had become difficult to use. I Cleared Storage as I could (that was challenging for sure) and now have a full mirror image so I have to stand in front of a mirror to use my phone. It's completely crazy. A technician last night tried a new screen and the problem was the same. I'm thinking too as someone said that it must be the sensor. I'm desperate to fix this, so I can step outside and know when I receive emails. Have you found a solution to your problem? Thank you to anyone who can help. I'm stuck in Egypt, it's mobile land alright but no one knows anything about my phone. I'm going crazy and exhausted. I've seen the same problem on other sites as well but no one has come up with a solution yet. Please tell me someone has here...!!!!

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Guest donster22

same problem here. phone screen goes off - still get haptic feedback etc. eventually it comes back on inverted, upside down and flickering.

phone has been away and repaired once (new screen and gubbins) - doing the same within a day of getting it back.

done a hard reset and removed memory cards so completely clean and still failing.

real shame because it has been an excellent phone.

help??? anyone...........................



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