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SPV M600 Internet Explorer Question

Guest ryanred5

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Guest ryanred5


I use a SPV M600 running WM5 and the problem I'm having with Internet Explorer is that on some sites there are buttons that are just not "clickable" with the stylus.

One of the sites is a forum that has side bars which you close by "clicking" the arrows with the stylus, but when I "click" nothing happens and the side bars stay open.

The other site is also a forum that has a drop down options arrow when your in a thread on the forum, but when you "click" the drop down arrow nothing happens, unfortunately there is something I need to do by "clicking" the drop arrow.

I've tried Firefoxs cut down version and that "clicks" the side bar arrows and drop down arrow just fine but its so so slow.

I tried Opera for browsing before testing what I needed to do and that was mega slow too.

Is there a program that can downloaded for IE that makes unclickable areas clickable?

Thanks a lot.


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Guest Monolithix

It's probably a limitation in PIE's capabilities which is stopping it from working. You'll have to stick with using Fennec or Opera, or you can try using the other version of Opera (there's the native "mobile 9.5 beta" and "mini" java app), or Skyfire.

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