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Latest Turkish (Turkey) Rom Update JUHJ2 (Offical Site)

Guest Kubilay K

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Guest Kubilay K

Direct link :http://fus.samsungmobile.com/omnia/tk/i900..._updater_XP.exe

i already download and installed it is working fine (there is no bug up to know)

it has new keyboard (Samsung style and it is Turkish) - problem is in this keyboard you can not disable vibration (there is no option) (you can disable touchscreen vibration, but Turkish keyboard still vibrate on touch.)

new release working fast :rolleyes:

Edited : you can select Turkey from list and you can download Turkish Rom : http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp

Edited by Kubilay K
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Samsung; Shame on you! You released the October 2008 ROM at January 2009. Are you kidding us?

Cannot agree more...

English ROMs are way too ahead, around IAx... And the thing is that, Turkish ROM consists of a MUItur_lang.cab file... That's gross!

I'm sick of being treated like a step-child.

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