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German Official Update Rom

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Guest WAIKIKI728

Sorry...maybe this is not the correct place however,maybe you can help me. embarrassed.gif.......:

I live in Spain and with Vodafone Spain y got 2 Omnias.One is for me and the another one i gave to my girlfriend(she is German).I have flashed my one very easy(god said dank)first with one official from samsung mobile(changing the registry of the version that had my handy PDA:1900XJHH1/BAHH2;PHONE:1900BUHG5 for another one)with Vista and later with XP with ROMs of one Spanish cooker...

here in Spain....I have tried some ones from here but and they are really cool but

the language is the language.

My problem is that i want to update the handy of my girlfriend with one official rom of Samsungin German...of this way she has the handy in German language and she can have a better one becuase i don´t know there... but Vodafone Spain has given a Samsung Omnia with a very slow firmware that sorry...but...it´s !!!s***!!!.

My question is how i got that?I have downlaoded the firmware from here http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp and i got the correct number of the version(AMHG5) here http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp.

I have got the file:i900AMHJ1_updater_vista.exe but when i try to update my girlfriend´s handy one screen says "no correct software version".Ok...i try to do like mine and i change the registry to a german version(she has got now like mine before PDA:1900XJHH1/BAHH2;PHONE:1900BUHG5).I edit the registry and change the version to AMHG5.....but no.....the same problem...i have tried to version XXHG5 thinking that maybe that´s the version of the free german handys but this dones´nt work.

Can anyone help me?How can i updated the German official Rom from Samsung in one NOT liberated handy...i mean in one handy you have got from vodafone for example?.

P.D.:If this is not the correct place for posting it...just move it or delete it.... :rolleyes:

I hope you can help me...at least you can tell in which place someone can help me.

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