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Annoying sound when kaiser is awake..Kindly suggest*urgent*

Guest sakshamkatyal

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Guest sakshamkatyal

I just bought a TyTn II device. I don't know whats gone wrong with it that it is giving me annoying sound when its awake but surprisingly when i turn off the screen the sound goes off. its very annoying just like some bee is there behind..

I wonder if i using some wrong radio with PDACORNER v16ultimate, Hard SPL 3.29[as per the recommendation of cook]. I tried to change the radio but to no avail. it seems its more than that.

i dont know if there is some hardware problem or what. but its really making my experience painful. Kindly suggest your remedies.

poor I tried to port hard spl 3.56 but to no avail.

I wish if someone else can help me out. This is really getting very difficult for me to listen to calls with this buzz sound in the back. Kindly help me someone. I had a word with some technician & he said its a problem of moisture & I need to keep it in direct sunlight for an hour. I am not sure if that is going to work tomorrow morning but I would definitely like to see some views about this problem.

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