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Creating my own TouchWiz

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Guest thejigsaw

Hi guys, last tree days a was doing a research on how to code my own TouchWiz the reason for doing this is basically because i want to create some new widgets and extend the gui a little bit with more tabs on the dock and a click-able shortcuts, why do i need to take out widget in today screen just to click on it. I've installed the newest SamsungToday plugin which can have custom widgets but they can't work like the native ones. They can not show different icons on the dock like the clock or the calendar widget and etc. That's why i decided to craete my own widgets so here we go. As i am UserInterface developer i am only using Managed Code (.Net Framework).

1. Internet Explorer Try:

Since i am a user interface developer as i said i thought that the easier way will be to make some JS framework put browser control on today screen item connect some JS calls to some .NET functions an the rest of the UI to code in html and JS i was really amazed when i saw the Pocket IE support transparent PNG's but the problem is that Pocket IE has so much little DOM support that you cannot do almost anything and you can not use any JS libraries for animations and stuff like that.

2. Flash Try:

I lost whole day to import a flash (swf) file in a .NET CF application and when i created a really simple flash file to test it my samsung omnia showed that it uses 7% of the processor constantly wihtout even touching anything on the flash. so that's a waste of electricity buttery and probably nervs when your battery will drain after two days of using your phone. And craeting the callbacks from the flash to the .NET and vice versa was just a waste of time.

3. The .NET Try:

I tried and created some Animation Libraries and put up the gui together it was using 0% of the processor in the idle mode. so this was okay. But when i found out that i can not use transparent images like PNG's also can not use transparent controls i was very disapointed.

So I cointinue to reasearch this... and see what i can do i was even searching for some 3D or 2D rendering engine to make this TouchWiz in it but with my knowledge that's kind a hard and i also think rendering engines are rendering all the time so they are processing frames even when there is no need of that i was looking into EdgeLib and OPEN GL ES

Anyone here at the forum has some thoughts on this. Basically what i want to achive is to create some more advanced TouchWiz Interface that would be easy to create gadgets for and the gadgets should be pluggable and also extend it with some shortcuts to programs and configurations applet which will make me to stop using the un-finger-friendly microsoft start menu (Not that i dont like WinMo i just want to make it better :) ). And the very very very slow, slower then turtle Samsung Main Menu. And all this shouldn't drain your battery. Is this too much?

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