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Which software to sync Google Calendar to WinMo?

Guest jim144

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Guest austinmitchell
I want to sync my Google Calendar(s) to my phone. I've evaluated OggSync already - are there any competitors out there?

Thanks :-)

I use goosync and I've found it to be excellent.


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I use SyncMyCal Mobile - SyncMyCal Mobile

There's a "free" version with some limitation including "7 day" sync limitation and no contact sync amongst other things. All the comparison info is on the web site. The full version has no such restriction but the Contact sync hasn't worked at all for me.

You just need to download and install the software.

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Guest E-House

In case anyone's still interested...

Google's upped their game over the past few weeks, now extending a friendly handshake to WinMo users who want calendar synchronicity (nice word).


(uses the ActiveSyn protocol).

I've used GooSync in the past which was nice. But this new Google service kinda removes the need for 3rd party solutions, IMO.

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