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Battery Problem after rom upgrade

Guest Jose Pina

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Guest Jose Pina

I upgrade my phone to DXHJ1 from here because of problems with my GPS , after this

my battery is not working OK.

From a full charge , It lasts 3 hours.

and normally my battery lasts 3 days or little more.

My Omnia is 900 from Philipines and the current rom is DXHJ1

What do you guys recommend me? :)

else , what is the last rom for Philipines & Singapure omnias?

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Guest shokka9

sounds like a battery issue (flashing doesnt affect the actual battery - not that much anyway), worst performance i ever got from a battery was less than a day on HH1 ROMs, this was really bad.

Try a new battery, it will (or should) help you.

good luck

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