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Should I upgrade my omnia/bohh5

Guest balding2early

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Guest smiiithy

I'm also on the BOHH5. I've found battery life is very poor and stability isn't great. I decided to monitor the forums for some time to try and asses if its worth the risk and see which ROM is best for me.

Still don't have the confidence to flash my ROM as I'm on Vista and I've heard some horror stories. Certainly don't want to brick my phone and void the warranty only to be left with an expensive paperweight.

Is there any real benefit to this I am new to this, I only have vista pc. What is the better rom for me, thanks in advance. :)
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Guest Tony Pura

I had the same T-mobile firware BOHH5 which I flashed with Taril's latest ROM and guess what?

IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM :) :D and the battery life is so much better even if I use the media player all the time.

I too only have Vista and did the flashing on Vista.

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