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Ported Android on Asus P535. Possbile on Omnia?

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I found a thread in xda where they managed to port Android on AsusP535.

Here is the youtube video:

Execution Files for ASUS P535: http://cid-6fac71b8e8cee5b6.skydrive...roidOnP535.rar

Seems that more functions work on Asus.

There are steps how to do it but shown for Asus. I guess it can be similar to all WM devices.

Mostly we need to find the proper kernel for Omnia and build the drivers.

There are nice instructions here but i dont have the time to work on this one and not so experienced on Linux.

Check the instructions here: http://sites.google.com/site/siteofhx/Home...g-steps/english

I hope there will be some guys that will gather and make it true. I remember us1111 was trying on smth.

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