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lost contacts

Guest simonastro

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Guest simonastro

hello folks

I seem to be in a real mess!

was all smug with new Touch HD next to cherished Trinity

and setting up my contacts etc as follows

both HD and Trinity activesync to outlook 2003

both also sync to google using Goosync (primarily cos I use google diaries but activated contacts to keep google utd)

was all going swell til suddenly noticed my friends had disappeared from HD

checked outlook and am over 200 contacts down :)

I've always known that google hasn't soaked up them all

but it has never been a problem


somehow google has overwritten HD has overwritten outlook and my contacts are

missing on outlook

missing in google

missing on HD


have complete set on beloved trinity - though in the form of a PIM backup file

(disabled goosync as no longer on a data plan!)

problem is when I activesync they are wiped as Outlook takes precedence

and cannot edit data direction

how can I restore my missing contacts??

have tried extracting PIMbackup file (its a renamed ZIP file) but result is garbled

and if I try to import the data I get a "Input past end of file" error

can I dig them up from the pOutlook data file - whatever that is?

I would be very grateful for any help



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Guest MrJoneswii

I hope you'll find a way man.

Something similar happened to me once, but I luckily had made a backup in excel.

I had to input everything all over again.

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Guest simonastro

saints alive it is all OK again

PIMbackupped onto Touch HD and activesynced back onto Outlook

heaven knows what the culprit was but I will never enable

goosync contacts again

shame as it does a grand job with the 10 google calendars I use!

a little 3 hour odyssey of self discovery

now....... to sort out the bluetooth


well at least the heavenly PIM Backup has enabled me to have contacts on both phones

just how to get them back into outlook?!?

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