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First ROM’s with HTC Footprints appear on XDA-Dev

Guest Michael Pang

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didnt work on me. maybe u got better luck

the Manilla2d patch has a wrong signature, even signtool crashed when I tried to edit it, so had to revert to hexediting. M2D 22 is already working on the emulator (don't have the omnia to test it), now I'm trying to get Footprints working. If everything goes fine I'll release an AIO22 :)

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Guest shokka9

you guys never stop!! :D

All good, i am busy at the mo, unfortunately not Omnia related, so time is scarce for playing.

HTC footprints hey, some good stuff, cant wait for AIO22 sztupy. :) "how do you do it?"

If you need things testing, give me a shout, cant make things (time restraints), but can test (install and test), feel free to holla at me dudes..

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