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Turn GPRS notifications off?

Guest zze86

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I have a ATT Tilt and I'm trying to get rid of these annyoing @$$ GPRS notifications. I really only use the phone more for it's PDA functionality, and most of where I go, I have access to WiFi so I opted not to have the data plan. What's annoying as hell though are the constant notifications telling me that the phone can't get a GPRS signal. This is especially annoying when I'm running other apps (TomTom Navigation for example) as I have to constantly click the notification and the wireless manager popup away. And when I "wake" the phone up in the morning I have to click through like 30 of these notifications. Is there any way to turn these notifications off? I've managed to turn off the notifications for when it finds wifi but this is most irritating.

Thanks in advance!


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