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Bedroom developer of popular WinMo tools PocketRSS Reader, Batti, tMan closes shop and opensources code

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Guest Monolithix


David Andrš, developer of a suite of popular free Windows Mobile tools including Batti, tMan, PocketRSS Reader and RichesseGPS announced recently he will no longer be continuing development.

Most of the time, I enjoyed the work on these projects, but I do not feel, I want to continue and invest so much of my free time into it. Simply said, the original magic is gone and everything become a routine.


Batti, an unobtrusive 1-2 pixel power level bar which sits at the top of your device's screen has regularly made it to Paul (MVP)'s "free must have applications" lists for new devices. PocketRSS Reader, "pRSSr", provides a feature rich feed reader, with support for options including OMPL importing and enclosure download, features sometimes missing from commercial applications.

However there is a silver lining to David's decision to call an end to his work. In the spirit of true community-driven development he's released the source code to all his applications under the GNU GPL, allowing anyone who wants to continue work on them to do so. While he's not confident anyone will undertake this challenge, the option is now there. Hopefully an interested member of the MoDaCo community will feel the need to pick up the torch on one (or more!) of David's projects.

His full blog post is here.

You can download the cabs and source from google code here

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