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Calendar Birthday Issues

Guest volsmcfalls

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Guest volsmcfalls

Ok, so here's the scenario...I use Outlook's calendar on my PC to keep track of client and family birthdays. As a result, I have a couple hundred on there. I have them set up a recurring appointments.

Recently I got a windows mobile device (which shall remain nameless at this time, because I do not think this is a device-related issue, rather a WM issue) and synced the PC calendar to the PPC calendar.

But now, next to everyone's birthday "appointment" there is a number, e.g. Mom's Birthday (3). I figured out this is the number of the occurrence (or the number of the birthday in this example, but it happens with all all-day recurring appointments). Now, I know it's just an annoyance, but is there any way to get that number off there? It doesn't show up that way on the PC, why would it on the PPC?

I know I can go through a correct all the "appointments" to the correct start date (in the case of birthdays, it would be the birth date). But, there are a few problems with that. 1) I have hundreds of them. 2) I'm not asking my clients their birth year, that's like asking their age and a good way to lose accounts. 3) that would substantially increase the memory size of my calendar because it would also create all the occurrences of the birthday in the past.

Frankly, other than immediate family, I don't really care how old a client is turning. I just like to send them birthday cards; it's a nice personal touch.

Is there not a way to fix this, or a setting to switch off? I can't be the first one to encounter this quirky annoyance.

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