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HTC Touch Diamond - localized versions of Windows

Guest Rado

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Hi everyone - I have a question about the Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro installed on the HTC Touch Diamond, which I'd like to get. Basically, it seems it also comes with localized versions of Windows in different countries. Does anyone know what differences there are? Some of the online shops in Slovakia do explicitly list it as "SK" or "localized" but some do not.

I do not really care about the environment, in fact I prefer English here, but I've seen reports that the non-localized versions had problems with central-european accented characters, or that a localized T9 keyboard/dictionary wasn't included. On my old SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon) smartphone I do have the English environment but it all works nicely with a Slovak T9 input.

So what I would like would be to have the same option on Diamond - either get the English Windows but with T9 included, or eventually get a Slovak localized Windows, but with the ability to switch back to English (if that's possible). HTC support told me it's not possible to switch the ROM for a different langauge version once I get the device, due to MS licensing terms.

If anyone can provide more insight, I would be most grateful! :(



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Since I've had the Diamond for about 2 weeks now, I thought I'll post an update. I've ordered from a shop listing it as "SK" version in the end. The inner plastic box had a sticker on it saying it is "For sales in AL, BG, BIH, CZ, HR, HU, MN, MK, PL, RO, SK, SLO and SRB" and a link to www.htc.com/europe. So I'd say there is probably a single version for all central and south/east European countries.

It allowed me to select the OS language during the initial installation process, English was available but I picked Slovak just to make sure, and I pity that decision now. Unlike Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone, which allowed me to change the GUI language in the settings, I can't find such option here, the only regional options are currency, date format, etc, just like on a PC where you can't change GUI language after installing either. Perhaps a hard reset would allow me to pick another language but I'm too lazy to go through that!

Now - to explain why I say I pity the decision to use Slovak localization, see the attached screenshot showing the sound settings of the phone (ringtones, etc). Quite a lot of translations were not checked for length apparently, and they overflow the labels, buttons, etc. Also some of the translations are confusing - I guess the button to reset the call timer is called simply "Reset" in English, and it is translated like "ObnoviƄ" - that's more like "Renew" but often used in "Refresh" context in Slovak.

Anyway, I've been quite happy with it so far - since I upgraded from Orange SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon) after using it for 4 years, it's quite a big jump! :( Sometimes I miss the phone keypad but I guess I'll get used to it. An important thing to note though: it DOES NOT have the Slovak T9. The only ones available are English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. This is again a disappointment - since the OS is localized one would expect the T9 to be available too, especially when the Smartphone 2003 already had it. A full qwertz Slovak keyboard is included, but in some cases (such as SMS writing) the phone keypad with T9 is simply easier to use...


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