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New touch controlled Task Manager, Memory, CPU and battery monitor for Windows Mobile

Guest Elecont

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Guest Elecont

Elecont Software released new Windows Mobile product "Elecont Resource Manager" Elecont Resource Manager combines three useful things for any Pocket PC or Smartphone -- resource usage monitoring, task management and switching, prediction of estimated battery time.

In addition to memory and battery indicators Resource Manager displays CPU usage indication and updates it in real time directly on your Home/Today screen.

Task manager allows you to manipulate running programs not only by stylus or keyboard. It is optimized for use by touch. Elecont Resource Manager reports the estimated battery time. You'll be always informed how much time is remaining to the full discharge.

Elecont Resource Manager screenshot

. 1.gif

Elecont Resource Manager is commercial software with 3 day fully functional trial period.

Read more and download Elecont Resource Manager at http://www.elecont.com/taskmanager-for-pocket-pc.aspx

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