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Sync problems

Guest Johnny C

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I just got an X1 last week. First time I connected it to my PC (Vista64) the PC recognised it and synced fine.. It kept dropping the connection but unplugging the USB and reconnecting solved that.

A few days later I reconnected, it synced fine but I unplugged it, then reconnected and the PC couldn't find it. the X1 is trying to sync, and the PC is recognising that something is connected (it makes the dee-dip sound and when I disconnect it makes the Dip-dee sound). I figured that maybe the PC recognised that it had synced that day and was just being awkward.

So, I tried again today, but the same thing is happening; boot the PC, when it's running connect the X1. I still get the connection noise dee-dip but Windows Mobile Device centre still says 'Not connected'. I luanched the activesync on the X1 and it tries to connect (with much pinging of connection/reconnection) but they still can't see each other.

It's the same USB port, nothing has changed (my old HTC universal was awkard about which USB it was connected to)

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to fix this? At least the old activesync had n option to try and find a device to sync to, WMDC just has a screen with no options other than Connection settings which are all checked as before, there's no 'Go Fetch' option that I can see.


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try to delete the sync connection (dlete device) from windows mobile device center and then connect the x1 and setup a new connection.

take care never to disconnect the usb cable from mobile or pc while it is syncing as coz issues like the one we are talking about here...

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