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help i wrong rom

Guest channel78

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Guest channel78

i have updated my omnia with FIRMWARE:

22.02.2009 (DXIA2 updates):

i have samsung omnia italian version (no brand)

with this pda:i900xihj3


i know ,i have wrong

may u help me please

i can donate for help

my omnia is stuck(appear omnia logo only)

sorry for english

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Guest Stevenh

Since you get Omnia logo, then that means bootloader is still running so should be able to update with any firmware. Just try update again with any other firmware, if still doesn't work, go to Secany's thread and download a firmware and GrandPrix there and only update PDA and CSC parts, do not update bootloader or phone part and see if it works. If it boots up but phone version is wrong or doesn't work, update the phone part.


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