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'WinMo Week Twenty Six - hardware - all change!' is now live!

Guest Monolithix

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Guest Monolithix


Paul and I are proud to present the WinMo Week Twenty Six - hardware edition!

Sharing our views, activities and the news in this weeks Windows Mobile world.

In this weeks ~30 minute episode we're trying something new. From now on we will be splitting the podcast into two, shorter, 30 minute episodes. Each Friday you'll be able to catch the hardware episode. A software specific episode will follow on Tuesdays.

We're hoping that the shorter episodes will be easier to digest (and hopefully force us to keep focused on our talking points!). But we want your feedback, PLEASE! Let us know what you think about the new format, is the shorter episode format more convenient? Do you prefer it to a single, longer episode? Let us know your thoughts!

So on that note, in this weeks hardware edition, we're talking about:

  • Wrapping up this months sponsored device: the HTC Touch 3G
  • The Garmin-Asus tie up with the Nuviphone M20
  • i-mates Redfly competitor and new compact Professional devices, the Legionnaire and Warrior
  • AT&Ts new Pantech Matrix Pro

    As with all our shows, this episode is available in standard MP3 format or as an enhanced M4A format with chapters, images and links for use on an iPod or in iTunes. You can get the podcast in the following ways:

    • Direct download from the downloads section of the site
    • Via iTunes (search for MoDaCo!)
    • Via RSS with enclosures - simply add http://feeds.feedburner.com/MoDaCoPodcast (regular) or http://feeds.feedburner.com/MoDaCoPodcastEnhanced (enhanced) to the reader of your choice
    • Your feedback is really valuable and will tell us whether it is worth our while to continue running the podcasts! Do you listen? What do you like? What do you not like? Please leave your feedback in the comments below, or on the phone in number answerphone (which you can also use for questions for the podcast), or rate us on iTunes!

      The Phone in number is:

      +44 1379 888 101

      You can also leave a voicemail via Skype by calling:

      skype user "modaco"

      Or post back on the official thread:



      You can listen to this weeks show here:

      Link for enclosure purposes: http://donald.modaco.com/podcast/twentysix.mp3

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Guest furby

Hello Podcasters. Just wanted to post that even though I don't frequent the site that much these days I always listen to the podcast. It's always enjoyable and a great listen.

Don't know if I'm a fan of the new format. I love the rambling and ranting of the usual podcast. I think the longer podcasts give a bit more scope for things like that. The shorter podcast seemed more contolled and (can't think of a better way to describe it) less personal. However, it's only been one podcast so I will hold off campaigning for the return to the old way :(


...as well as significantly less of our usual tangents!
No, there must be more! Edited by furby
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Guest nickcornaglia

Without even listening (yet) I'll say I'm a bit dubious of the new format. I said it before...I enjoy it when it feels like I'm listening to two friends casually talking (and I'm eavesdropping!). I'm going to give them both a listen and leave some proper feedback. And I agree with furby....the tangents are the entertaining part of the show. (Especially when one of you doesnt understand what the other is even talking about!) :(

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Guest psionandy

I like the split... well not the split as much as I'd rather have 2 short podcasts than 1 long one, as it means I can find gaps in my day to listen to it.

Having listened to both episodes now, its going to take a couple of weeks for you to find your footing and get more comfortable with the split, but i think it's worth doing

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