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Has anyone got any experience with bringing back his bricked phone to the Service Centre?

Guest Samuelw

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Guest Samuelw


I was interested in whether or not someone has brought his 'bricked' phone back caused by a CUSTOM ROM, with a faulty method/faulty firmware or simply bad luck.

Since I brought mine back to the service center two weeks ago, and Samsung hasn't looked at it yet, so I'm really hoping they will just replace the motherboard.

However, is there anyone here, that already got his phone back from Samsung with a new motherboard, or someone who got it back unrepaired since it is his own fault.

Please let me know,



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Guest Samuelw

Ah great, I hope mine will return as well with a new board in it.

That would be great,

Anyone else who got his phone returned with a new board?

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Guest FerdiBorbon
hi i have got mine today...

they have changed motherboard for me..

i have upgrade taril new m2d rom..

its workin like a charm..no prob at all..

Hey which one is Taril's new M2d Rom??

In this section its only the one with his original Samsung rom with tweaks etc...

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