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acks not working on this ROM

Guest miles_muso

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Guest miles_muso

Hi Sector,

(taken from this post on XDA-Developers)



Open your favorite registry editor and go to "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\RAI\:MSINBOX" and change the value "1" from "tmail.exe" to the path of the program you wanna launch. And do not forget to set the " " ! For example:

"My Storage\Program Files\VITO\SMS-Chat\SMSChat.exe"

Save and your done, the SMS button on the main screen of spb mobile shell should now launch VITO SMS Chat.


Go to your windows folder on your phone and copy the file CallLog.exe to another directory, just for backup purpose. Open the attached file CallLog.run with any texteditor you have. Change the path inside to the program you wanna open with the CallLog button. No " " this time. Save and copy it with the also attached file CallLog.exe to your windows folder on your phone. Overwrite the existing CallLog.exe, ignore the warnings. Should work now. If not, try a soft reset.

No Solution for calendar yet and i dont use the mail button .

Tested on Samsung Omnia with german WM 6.1.

This no longer seems to work on the new SPB ROM that you cooked (I downloaded it this morning). Maybe I'm doing something wrong (I remeber that it was a bit hit-and-miss last time.)

Please investigate if you can.......

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