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What would meet these specs?

Guest G1LIW

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Guest G1LIW

OK, I'm starting to look for a replacement for my now somewhat ageing iPaq HW 6915. It's an excellent phone, but is slightly crippled by the fact that it's a little battered around the edges (I can be a right clumsy wotsit), and doesn't have 3G which I am finding would be rather useful on a regular basis.

With this in mind, I started to think about what I wanted, as opposed to what I need, and came up with the following rationale...

I'm not concerning myself at this stage with operators or tariffs: That'll come in the next and final stage of selection B). What I'm primarily concerned about is capability.

It's gotta be WinMob 6.1 to take advantage of current software I use under WinMob 5, and future software I may procure for the phone.

It's gotta have a fast processor and hefty memory, to be able to handle the applications (including GPS) that I'll run.

It should have a big screen for ease of reading (esp when using GPS in the car), and maximisation of resolution for applications. The screen should be crisp, with good depth and definition, preferably with touch-screen tech built in.

For networking, all the usual requirements plus 3G, of course; quad band for maximisation of available connectivity wherever I may be.

I do a fair amount of typing on a PPC, so a physical keyboard would be nice.

GPS is mandatory, preferably with the SiRF III chipset, with Quick GPS being handy but not mandatory. I definitely do NOT care for the US A-GPS system, and don't want that at all!

Camera wise, I'm well tired of having a rubbish 1.3mp camera, so the bigger the better, 3mp minimum.

Slot-wise, I'm using miniSD at the moment; I suppose I'll have to transfer all of it to microSD, but either is good, with the ability to take very large capacity chips given preference (say 8gb plus?)

This works out to the specs below...


At least a 500 MHz processor

Operating System

Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional


ROM: 512mb minimum, with a preference to larger and those that can be easily flash upgraded.

RAM: At least 250mb, preferably 500mb more given preference.


Minimum 3.5-inch.


Either TFT or backlit LCD, mandatory it be touch-sensitive


480 X 800 WVGA resolution minimum


Quad-band preferred

GSM/GPRS/EDGE mandatory

HSDPA/WCDMA (3G 7.2 Mbps) mandatory


Slide-out or fold-out QWERTY keyboard preferred


To be built in, preference on SiRF III chipset.

No preference on Assisted GPS (QuickGPS),

US "A-GPS" firmware NOT required.


Bluetooth® 2.0 minimum

Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g, preference given to the latter.

Mini USB connection preferred


3 megapixel colour minimum

Expansion Slot(s)

MiniSD™ or microSD™ memory cards

I've identified and/or been pointed to, three phones that match the specs to one level or another, but was wondering if anyone knew of other phones that do as well?

The three phones identified thus far are:

I should also point out that a long battery life would be nice, as would the ability to play vids and audio as well (nice, but not required, lol) :P

Cheers for any and all advice :(

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