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Hands on with the iDapt Universal Charger

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
If like me you have a bunch of devices - not just phones, maybe an iPod / PSP or similar too, then there's a good chance you have a spaghetti of cables at the place where you choose to charge them. Friends of the site DSL Developments recently got in touch and asked whether I wanted to try out a new system called 'iDapt', which consists of one base unit with changeable charging 'tips', as shown here. Obviously I jumped at the chance! :(

So, what's it like? Well, although it's not cheap, I think it IS reasonable priced at £34.95 for a 3 port model with 6 different tips (details). In practice, it looks pretty smart and works great. I have the 2 port silver model for now, but the 3 port black model would definitely be my choice. I am docking my Touch HD and my iPhone at the moment, and it works exactly as advertised - no more cable spaghetti!

It's not flawless, in particular the tips aren't 'reversible', so my HD for example ends up facing the wrong way, but this isn't a massive issue (however it is something that i'd like to see rectified with a design tweak on the tips themselves).

I've unboxed the 2 port iDapt here on unboxings.com... and i'm interested to hear your thoughts too! Worth the money? B)

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Guest deadphill

Ill probably wait until every device has to have a micro usb slot, but it might be good for a while for people out there with multiple devices!



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