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questions about flashing to custom rom

Guest ninurta

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Guest ninurta

Hi everyone.

First i wanna say thanks to all the contribution going on here.

and thanks to modaco to host such a awsome site.

Now to the questions.

I have a samsung omnia (bought in holland/Netherlands)

and flashed with offical .MLI file to english.

when this was done it changed my phone to the following.


Phone: i900XKHI4

My question is now,

since i cannot find a offical update to DXIA5 for my country.

can i just grab a custom rom that is DXIA5 or do i need to do some steps to be able to?

Any answers would help.

Can i am really new to this flashing and how i can be sure not to brick it

(just got it back from service after i bricked it once already)

Thanks in advance.

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Guest ninurta
Hi, i can tell you first flash it with the DXIA2 rom then DXIA5.

If you flash it directly your'e phone is bricked again.

Hi Thanks for your fast answer, could you also possibly link me to a decent DXIA2 rom that could work?

or can i take any DXIA2 rom?

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