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Wifi speed on X1

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Guest krash_control


Contrary to my strong support for Sony Ericsson, I bought a Samsung Omnia because it seemed to have a similar feature set and was considerably cheaper. I was also willing to go for a slimmer phone with no keyboard (after using the P910 for over 3 years).

Well long story short, I am very disappointed with the Omnia's keyboard and especially the WiFi speed, even after trying several different keyboards and browsers and flashing to the latest official ROM.

So, my question is, how is the WiFi browsing on the X1? Do you feel you are getting the best speed from your broadband compared to your PC (I know it's not the same but I'd expect something like google's homepage to come up fairly fast). Browsing on the Omnia feels like using a 56k modem yet I have 2MB cable broadband.

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