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Default Hi, New to T-Mob Touch

Guest Adamsnake

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Guest Adamsnake

Hi guys.

Im kinda new to these types of phones LOL.

Basicly i was given a T-Mob touch (elf), i think that whats it called?. its the black one with 2 buttons. very small.

I was searching on the internet and found this fanstasic forum and hoping to get some help.

Basicly i want to remove all the t-mobile branding from my phone, the horrable t-mobile startup screen ect.

Also i have joined another forum (sorry if this is not allowed), and it has links to rom and upgrading ect. Does anyone know anything about htis and how it can befint me

cheers Adam

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Guest awarner (MVP)

Welcome to the site B)

Updating the ROM can help but you would been to check how recent the TOM in compared to your own.

As for removing the Tmobile branding, the easiest way to remove most of it is to do a hard reset then when the phone boots it will initially load the OS then it states that it will install the other application which you can click to cancel.

Once you have canceled the installation the phone will boot to the Windows mobile default.

This will stop the installation of Tmobile applivcations and settings though.

The other option is to update the ROM with a non branded version.

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