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ROM update failed

Guest bobthecat

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Guest bobthecat

After an unsuccessful ROM update of DXHJ1 When i start my phone i get the a picture of a phone with an "!" mark. It still runs after a few seconds and everything seems to work just fine. The problem is that i cant get to update my ROM again, because i cant get the updater to detect my phone. I really tried everything.

Version (after unsuccessful ROM update)



is there anyway to fix this? Something i haven't tried so the updater will find my phone and successfully update my ROM or maybe some other way of updating (or degrading for all i care) my ROM?

things i've tried:

the normal way (xp)

and the grandprix way (on vista and xp)

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Guest bobthecat
read the post no.1297 here: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/283964/...tion/page/1277/

it solved my problem which was exactly the same as yours.

tip: you wil have to be very quick with your fingers.

the link you gave me is how to fix omnia's that restart on their own. Thats not the problem i have, my phone works fine. My problem is that i cant update my ROM because it doesn't matter what i do the ROM updater never finds my device.

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