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TYTN II problem

Guest sameness

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Guest sameness

Just removed the google toolbar app from my phone and it asked for a reset so I did. However as the phone rebooted it asked me to realign the screen and proceeded to act as if it was a first time switchon/ROM reinstall as it loaded all Orange settings and various apps.

Home screen was reset to default and all programs have been removed from the add/remove page, but are all still on the phone. Each program I have tried running has installed itselfs again so I now have 2 copies of all the icons. Luckily I have not lost any texts or contacts, but have lost all my email settings and messages although they are still on their respective servers. My phone has been slowing down recently and now I am very tempted to upgrade to the WM6 ROM.

Anyone else had any issues like this? Would installing the new ROM be advisable after backing up texts and contacts?


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