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Guest Wisam Hamadya

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just wanted to list some fixes that affected me from version 1.2 to 1.3. Since 1.3 came out I haven't had any issues or annoyances which make Spam alert the best contact manager and dialer out there for a WinMo phone.

My first annoyance was that all my caller ID pictures were pixelated unless they were a certain resolution - 1.3 completely fixes this issue. All my pictures show clear wear as before they looked like a traffic accident.

Second annoyance was when using the hardkey "call button" to launch the dial pad, pressing it a second time in 1.2 would not make a call out to the last call/missed call/ received call. Essentially all it did was try to launch itself again. 1.3 completely fixes this as well.

Software canbedownloaded on Spam alert.com

Third and lastly, in the 1.2 variation of Spam alert, when using Windows Livemag-glass_10x10.gif; If I tried to make a call from within that application it would not launch the dial pad. Which isnt all that bad unless you are calling someone there has an Automated Atendent. Without a dial pad i could not navigate through the menues. I tested this in 1.3 and it works flawlessly now.

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