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Intrigued and a bit confused ><

Guest GunGirlYuna

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Guest GunGirlYuna

I'm new to custom ROMs for Omnia, but I have been reading around this forum for a while now, even though I haven't been posting ><, I notice theres a list of links to download ROMs, but what are there differences? Which one is the best ROM?

If there is no best ROM can somebody recommend one? The voting topic for favourite ROM doesn't have enough to confirm my question.

Ah I've also noticed that some people are using WinMo 6.5 from a custom ROM I think, compared to WinMo 6.1 how is it better?

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Guest refugeez86

it depend on ur interest..

if u want use rom wif m2d u can choose shokka m2d rom..

if u want use rom wif spb mobile shell u can choose sector rom..

or lite rom by shokka..

currently im using shokka m2d rom..its nice rom..

winmo 6.5 got touch screen improvement and new UI..

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