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Guest moo_ski_doo

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Guest moo_ski_doo

This is an issue that I've pretty much learned to live with but it still bugs me from time-to-time. I assume this is applicable to all touchscreen windows phones but I could be wrong.

Most of the time when I write a new text message it's as a reply to an existing message so I just go to that thread and compose the message from there. The 'problem' is that the window for composing the new message is tiny - the thread takes up the top 90% of the screen, or if the keyboard's visible the top 20% of the screen, leaving only about 10% of the screen for the compose window itself (hope that makes sense!) This means you can only see about one and a half lines of your message at a time, which results in lots of scrolling if it's a long text. Does there anyway to make the compose window bigger or make the font smaller? Even if I could just see two lines at a time instead of on and a half that'd be good! I love the threaded SMS interface but this particular part of the implementation seems a bit odd to me :D

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