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Omnia i900 - Need advise on verious area

Guest Raymond2009

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Guest Raymond2009

Hi dear all, i am new to Samsung Omnia i900 and Windows Mobile OS. Just got this phone couple days ago, would like some advise from expert on below area:

1. My Omnia is with below version of ROM, what is the latest or most recommended level i should upgrade it to ?



2. If, for any reason after I installed the latest (or other) version of ROM, and I press Hard Reset (at Main Memory & My storage), what happen ? will it bring me to the original factory default ?

3. If I upgrade to latest version of ROM, will the Omnia still under Samsung warrenty ?

4. I have Garmin Mobile XT as well in my devise, will the ROM Upgrade remove it ? or it basicaly will be untouched ?

5. When I check my Memory, I only have 1.95MB under Storage. Looks like 'very' small amount ? Will the ROM Upgrade need more memory before I can upgrade it ?

6. Is there any way to backup everything (I really mean everything - Current OS, settings,application, etc, like PC image save and restore) on my Omnia ? to PC perhaps ? Just in case i need to restore everything as at before upgrade the ROM.

Many many thanks in advance. Any feedback, tips or helps will be very much appreciated. Regards/Ray

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