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Can I force Outlook to save what it's doing more often?

Guest Kchrpm

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Guest Kchrpm

I have an Advantage X7501 running the standard WM6.0 build, and I'm getting frustrated by the loss of hours worth of unretrievable MMS and text messages when I have to soft reset. At about 3:50 pm today, Opera Mobile 9.5 hung the phone completely loading a page, so I had to soft reset. When it fired back up, the most recent text message I had was from 12:35 pm.

Is there a way to force Outlook to permanently save more often? For new messages from my Gmail account it's not a big deal because I can still get them from there, but MMS and text messages are lost forever!

Edit: Ha, I opened MemMaid to see if the System Tweaks had something about this, and the phone freezes again! Can't wait to see what was lost this time :D

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