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Guest Spookman

Hi, My Omnia arrived not so long ago from T-Mobile UK and had the Release rom installed BOHH5

I went to the samsung website but when entering the Omnia version BOHH5 i got the message "Version Incorrect". After trawling this and other forums i eventually installed a DXHJ1 rom...

My version information now shows....



Because i was using vista X64 i had to use GrandPrix to install the rom...the PDA part installed succesfully, but the phone part wouldn't install even after many many attempts following different guides and installing different drivers...it gets to the part where it opens a port, does that succesfully and then just says Jump failed and download failed.

On rebooting the phone, it all appears to work ok but seems a little sluggish. maybe a bit slower than it was before.

I don't know if this other piece of information is of any use...but i am also unable to unlock the phone to any networks using the guides and/or tools posted here and elsewhere (they are all mostly the same) and i keep getting the Unlock error even after entering the correct codes.

What i would like some help with is...

1. Do i have the correct rom installed, and if not what is the rom that i should be using

2. Why does the PDA update work and not the PHONE update

and finally...could anyone shed some light on why the damn thing wont unlock to any networks (possibly this question is in the wrong forum)

please don't think i have not tried myself...i have been reading for a few days now and all i seem to do is get more confused the more i read.

Any help would be very much appreciated...thanks in advance


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