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Twikini updated to version 0.95

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul
Twikini, the Twitter client for Windows Mobile, has been updated to version 0.95.

From the Twikini site:

Version History

Version 0.95 (May 11, 2009)
  • New: Full send and receive support for Direct Messages. View your Inbox and Sent items, read, write and delete DM's.
  • New: You can now forward a tweet by SMS (just like you could with email). Look under Menu when reading a tweet.
  • New: You can now display any user on a Google Map (it's pretty cool). To try it, click "Show on Map" in the Menu when viewing a user's profile.
  • New: TwitPic images are now displayed inline right within the tweet window. So you don't have to open a browser. Just open any tweet with a TwitPic link and you'll see.
  • Improved: Better image caching. Images will load much faster and use less bandwidth.
  • Improved: The "Go to User" dialog defaults to the screen name from the highlighted tweet.
  • Bug Fix: "Tweet Song Info" will now turn off when you sign out of one account and sign into another (this ensures that you don't accidently tweet your music taste to the wrong Twitter account!).
  • Bug Fix: If you look at a protected user's profile that you are following, it gives you the option to Follow (instead of Unfollow).
  • Bug Fix: The Twikini icon will be created under Start > Programs instead of the Start menu.
  • Bug Fix: https:// URLs were not being handled correctly when reading tweets.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements.

    • GPS does not initialize on some devices. A workaround is to use a different app like Live Search or Google Maps, initialize the GPS and then use it in Twikini.
    • Auto Refresh does not work when device is turned off. The device has to be plugged in to a charger or remain ON for Twikini to auto refresh.
    • Tweets in Russian, Chinese, Thai, Dutch and most other non-English languages do not post correctly.

    • I've had a play with a few versions of the application now, and it's pretty good! My main annoyance is that for longer tweets you cannot view the full content until you click into the tweet (they really HAVE to fix this!), but that aside, it's a nice app with a good featureset and of course, it's FREE! Being a native application, performance is excellent too.

      Head on over to the Twikini download page to grab yourself a copy (in CAB form for installation directly on the device) or alternatively point your mobile browser at http://shortun.com/2s to grab the CAB directly.

      Finally, remember you can follow 'modaco' (formerly 'modaconews') on Twitter to get the latest MoDaCo scoops! :D


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