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Five things I'd like improved about the Xperia X1

Guest David Strange

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Guest David Strange

1: Faster processor. This is undoubtedly number 1, if they released a totally identical phone with a 1GHz processor I'd buy it in a second.

2: Remove the optical joystick and replace it with a simple select button, whilst making the D pad bigger. The up/down buttons on the D pad are terribly small in the current version and the optical joystick is pants.

3: Faster exposure time on the camera. Have you ever managed to get an un-blurred picture in poor light?

4: Longer battery life. Well, a bit longer, mine gets a lot of use and this is still only occasionally a serious issue.

5: Flush screen. Everybody else says it, so so will I!

But, basically, I love my Xperia X1. It is such a great gadget. I surf the web from bed using it, read rss feeds, make blog posts, play endless games. It is great. My partner has an iPhone, follower!


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Guest Mabenito

1. Accelerometer

2. Screen Edge

3. Battery

4. Out side cover reset button, (maybe inside the 3.5mm audio jack hole, the device freezes a lot)

5. Sterio speakers on both sides of the phone.

(Off the record)

6. More apps, flash support, 1GHz cpu...

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