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Need help on Vodafone Branded Omnia - ROM UPDATE

Guest Chapie

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Guest Chapie

Hi guys,

I have a Dutch Vodafone (Sim Unlocked) Samsung Omnia I900.

My version is:





I want to update this vodafone rom to an official samsung rom, cuz vodafone sucks.

Can anyone explain me the steps to take to get this done without bricking my phone?

Help is veryyy apreciated! Thanks!

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Guest cd78

Hey dude

Its hard work getting a reply on this forum..

But have a read of sectors update guide in the stickies at the top of the forum.

I flashed from Voda rom to dddrko's 21210 (i think) to start with and all went fine, i now can update to whatever rom i want.

You must use XP and make sure you download all files needed, they are listed in the thread i have mentioned.

its easy! <_<

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