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Extreme leakage - AT&T roadmap laid bare for all to see

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul

Wow, where to start... an insider at AT&T has been spilling their devices roadmap over on Engadget Mobile... and it includes a treasure trove of WinMo devices!

Let me just hit you with the round up!

Which of these takes your fancy? <_<





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Guest argh

Note that the Monaco is a WM7 device, with a Snapdragon chipset and an optional pico-projector.

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Good to see some new phones from HTC...

But are they new??? Still build on the 2y old chipset platform... (720xx)

Yeah I'll wait for the new chipset platform (that goes support WM7) before i'll buy a new phone!!


Come on HTC take your change before new Iphone with the new Nvidea chipset gets you...


PS I have the Toch HD (still missing the hardware keyboard)

PPS Monaco is a option as new phone but 3.6 no 7.2 and so on... game over... starting new game

PPPS Release date with WM7, sept 2009... never!

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Guest Tim-H

Apple wont like that they called the warhawk the best internet touch phone.....

Sounds like AT&T hasnt only been pissing their customers off, but their employees too.

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