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How to get caller ID to work on Touch Pro?

Guest milleracer41

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Guest milleracer41


I have recently purchased a Touch Pro and am slowly getting to grips with it. I put my current T Mobile sim card into it which has all my contacts on it. If I go through the Windows Mobile menus I can see all my contacts fine. However when the phone rings it doesn't show me what contact is calling. After the call is completed it usually pops up with a message saying "This contact is not on your list" or something like that and I have to go into the contacts list and manually add the contact from there to get it to show me who is calling on the screen the next time.

Why is this if the contacts list is already in the phone and showing up when I look at it?. Is there a way to have all my contacts added in so that every one of them shows up when someone calls or do I have to do them all manually one at a time?. Because that would take ages as I have a lot of contacts!!!.

Many thanks for any advice you guys can give.

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