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Grab yourself a 3 SIM and 6 months of flat rate data for £17.43

Guest PaulOBrien

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This is good... :D

I've just picked up a 3 SIM with £30 starter credit (for 6 months flate rate data) from eXpansys for a bargain £17.43 (see below)! You can get this price by first visiting this page to get a £5 off voucher, then visiting this page to order the SIM.


Now, I plan to use this SIM for data access only and being a non-Mobile Broadband SIM, after registering for My 3 with this SIM the '£5 monthly Internet Access' option was available.


The SIM comes with £30 starter credit, but this expires in 60 days. Now, I happen to know that you can 'queue' addons, so I tried queing 6 months of Internet Access up utilising all of my available £30 credit. And it worked!



My my reckoning, that's a helluva good deal... and this SIM also works for flate rate data in non 3 areas (i.e. roaming on to Orange).

eXpansys are also offering the SIM with a choice of phones (the Toshiba G910 or the Samsung i200) or a H800 Bluetooth headset, and when spending over £40 you can use a £10 off voucher from here too! Awesome!

Just thought i'd share... ;)


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Guest Shuflie

Why not order 4 since the sim won't be cancelled until 24 months after you buy them. Might even be able to get 5 of them for 2.5 years of mobile internet if you can remember to activate the fifth one right before the expiry date, you then have 60 days to queue your add ons.

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Guest Mysterious Stranger

These sims occasionally appear in the friday deals as 2 for £30 £25. Last time was about 3 weeks ago when I bought some :-)

The top up starter credit *does* have an expiry date - eXpansys activate it before sending out the sim, and it only lasts allegedly for 60 days from that point unless you use it so don't stock up too far ahead - although logging in today still gives my leftover credit 60 days of life? ( see screen dump)

These are *phone* sims not dedicated mobile broadband sims. Side by side against a dedicated mobile broadband sim in identical equpment with the same ghost image of windows 7 on a decent spec HP NC2510p the phone sim drops connection sometimes and doesn't get the same download speed. Same modem hardware, and I swopped over a few times too as well as 'blind testing. Maybe Paul can try it too? There's quite a few other posts on the internet about provisioning priority for phone sims using data.


edit - it's actually 2 sims for £25 when they're in the deal.


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