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Omnia muted and gone bad...


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Hi people...

I'm (was) using Sector's T1Lite (here) and today my device suddenly went completely silent.

Let me explain:

I was using iGO8.3 and it was working just fine (both the app and the phone). The phone was what woke me up in the morning (thanks to Ageye for G-Alarm). Anyway, I just went to settings and un-muted iGO, to hear voice directions. There was a second of voice, like it was beginning to read directions, then it stopped. I waited a while, but it kept silent, so I did exit the app and tried OS sounds... Nothing worked. Not the "bling" sound when you increase/decrease volume, not the incoming call preview, not even an mp3 playback...

So, I thought it was WM being buggy, so decided to soft-reset it. That didn't change anything!

Getting worried, I shut it down, waited a few moments and fired up again. Silent still!

Even tried to remove the battery (and even the sim card) out and waiting (a long time)... There was still no sound!

I then knew something was wrong and switched sim cards with my other device (and old but trusty Nokia E61, anyways)...

When I came home, I did a hard-reset (on Start->Settings...) but nothing changed.

I did try flashing a new rom.. I tried my chances on s0cks 6.1 DXID1 2605_5 ROM, QBus QB07M, and even Sector's 6.5 vR1L (link above)... Nothing could make my phone sing again.

So, now I'm downloading a DXIA5 based ROM, to see whether it's something about the phone part... (I doubt that, but being an engineer, I'm just trying-out any possibilities)

The weird part is, during the loss of it's sound, the phone worked otherwise perfectly (nearly I must say... I figured iGO somehow couldn't find the GPS anymore)

I could make calls (at least without hearing anything on my side) but my voice was transfered to the called party... The mic was (and have been still) working.

But, since the morning, I haven't heard a thing from the phone, not a single tiny voice...

So, I'm running out of options and I wonder if there's something someone can suggest to try. The timing is very wrong, I'd love to have it back. I don't want to pay for another device now, and even more, I honestly can tell it won't be another Samsung again! (I'm so angry and disappointed, I don't think I would even buy another WM device, either)

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Guest Lancez

i've had this kinda problem b4, a hard reset brought sounds all back to normal. looks like it has something to do with iGo8? oh, try to hardreset ur phone by 3 bottons method, thats what i do for most of the time.........hold call and end bottons then hold on to power botton on the top, see if it's gonna help..........good luck

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I've since tried flashing DXIA5 phone part (I don't remember which ROM it was, I was merely flashing whatever different version I could get), but it didn't do any good :D


I did hard-reset with both the included Control Panel applet and the 3-button combo... Didn't help (thanks anyway for the reply)


Do you think it might be anything physical? It doesn't make sense, that an everyday app working normally would (or could) harm hardware, especially a speaker or an audio chip... But I'm getting lost ;)

Another sad thing is now trying to flash back a Turkish ROM (which I cannot, because I cannot find any Turkish ROM here or anywhere else). I'm afraid it might become a problem with my warranty :D

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Hey people...

I've been to the service center yesterday, after countless hours trying to re-flash my Omnia with an original Turkey rom... Anyways, all was done and delivered.

The result (of course it was weekend and most of the tech-guys were off, but this can be called a first-aid diagnosis):

A chip and/or the board on my device might be burnt/defective. It might be a long wait (up to 20 business days). It would probably be covered under the warranty (this was the only happy-ish part).

So, I managed to burn a hardware component, without actually doing anything I shouldn't have... And, I might have to wait 20+ days for that, without a phone! (Actually, they'll give me a device if the wait is longer than 2 weeks, but anyways)

That's way too distracting and gets me off, kills my motivation and love for the device itself, along with any respect to Samsung, at least here. (Although I've seen the local distributor is doing whatever they can, I can't justify a device with that many bugs to be sold, on such a price)

I've hastily checked some sites and I hope I'll be buying a Touch Diamond tomorrow. Although it's far less in hw specs than my Omnia in many ways (well, maybe all except the screen), I now think that I'd get much more stable with that.

So, I think I'll be away from the Omnia forums for a while, if not forever. (I'm really considering to get rid of it whenever it arrives back).

I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody in MoDaCo, especially the ROM chefs (Sector and Qbus first) for the help they provided and the impressive hard work they have been doing. Thank you all... See you!

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Guest Omni God

Hi! i just want to share my experience with my omnia 2 days ago... it is something similar to this...

It was sturday morning, before i went to our shop, i cheked the phone for any message... Thats the last time i saw my omnia working...

In our shop, did a busy worked, but few hours later, i was to chek my phone for messages, this then was the time i was freaked out...

The touch screen is not working!!! I thought the phone hanged (software), so i made a soft reset..., but then, touch screen is still not working... i noticed, the intro sound of omnia is also gone... the only thing working was the hardware buttons... This really frightened me... I did not hard reset my omnia yet, but during this terrible moment, i figured out how to make the hard reset... i was about to use the program for hard resetting, the funny thing is i cant give the "1234" key, so i did more research... till i found a way to reset it using hardaware button...

After hard reset... this really, frightened me!! the phne is still not working, i was paused in the screen alignment, for i cant touch screen the device... made some more research, and did the Power botton (5sec)... removed the battery... leaved the device for few mins...

Then... magically... my phone worked!!!! both touch screen and sound worked...!

few hours later, i managed to flash it using Khuanchai ROM.

My Observations:

I noticed, during this time, the lower back portion of my omnia is really hot...

Yesterday, i noticed the same thing happening again.. back portion of omnia getting hot, touch screen, sound gone... After doing a Power down (5sec), restart the device, its ok again....

I think, the problem has something to do with GPS, Thats the last thing i did 2days ago... and the last thing i did yesterday aside from answering a phone call...

Altho my GPS is in standby mode, (the extra is on) after i used my GPS software, i closed the program.. maybe, theres a problem with it...

I wish someone could help me/us in this problem... is my device, soon going to fail? ive been using it for more than a month now, with no problem... suddenly this thing happend, which frightens me to execute programs i used before...

for EMRE..., its so sad to leave the omnia world this way... i wish your device will work... thanks.

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