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How to get rid of a start up prompt left behind from deleted software

Guest AceOfHearts

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Guest AceOfHearts

Hi all,

Long time ago I had installed Oxford Dictionary and deleted it. When I had the dictionary installed, I turned on a feature on the program which provided a pop every day with a new word on the today screen.

However, after I deleted the whole program, although the daily new word stopped, I get a pop up every time I switch on the device. The pop does not contain any new word as I obviously have deleted the database but it still pops up.

I want to stop this pop up each time I turn on the device. I believe it is as simply as deleting a file left over by the previous dictionary software in a folder some where. But I have no idea where to look.

Any directions would be appreciated.

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Guest fraser

It could also be in the registry. You have a couple of options:

- hunt down the offending call and remove it. Searching the file system and registry for "oxford" might find it

- reinstall the application, enable then disable this feature and uninstall

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