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Debrand a Shadow to stock OS

Guest Rembu

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Guest Rembu

Is it possible to restore the phone to its stock?

I bought a HTC Shadow recently from newegg and I noticed that it has the T-mobile logo, apps and what not. Is there any way of giving it a fresh new install per say and have it as a htc stock model? :D


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Guest edwardb

i think what you want is a hard reset

as i recommended earlier:

go to the tmobile official website, download the new update for shadow, connect phone to computer, run active sync, and run the update

a hard reset + updated official rom

to hard reset via hardware buttons (credit to ShadowMike)

1. If the device is on, remove the battery to turn it off, and re-insert the battery.

2. Press and hold the Left soft key and Right soft key together.

3. Press and hold the Power button for two seconds.

4. When you see a message that starts with ‘This operation will delete…’. release the soft keys.

5. A start-up screen appears, and then the screen shows a black message shown below.

6. Press the Send key, the device prompts you to restart it.

Other method:

Start > Accessories > Clear Storage

hope it helps

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