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SMS stored on the SIM instead than on the phone :-(

Guest Marcuzzo

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I have a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional phone (e-Ten Glofiish M800).

I always received SMS without problems until some days ago.

Now my SMS always arrive with hours of delay and, even more strangely, are stored on the SIM, no more on the phone. Even the icon on the left of the phone number in the inbox list of messages is different (it shows a SIM instead of an open envelope).

The problem, other than the delay, is that when I receive more than 10 new messages it says that it can't receive any more SMS because the SIM is full! until I delete some of these SMS or manually move them to the phone :D

How can I set to store the SMS in the phone as it always did?! why is it storing them on the SIM? how can I troubleshoot this problem?

PS: I have plenty of free storage on my phone and many SMS in my SMS inbox.

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