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Guest Pasimetes

So.. here goes my problem..

Got my Qtek 8310 three days ago, and the very same day I got it, decided to upgrade from WM5 to WM6. However, the battery charge meter gave me wrong info about the battery charge percentage, and the phone battery died just after I formatted the BINFS and re-setted the device.

The device still powered on, after each USB cable re-insert, but shut it off, after 10 seconds or so. After that, the phone didn't turn on at all. After some info search on the web, found out that my battery fell to an critical voltage level. Li-Ion batteries need to keep a certain voltage level to be able to charge them.

As I got an non-original battery (Sanyo, China...) I suppose it is poorly designed and doesn't have good under-voltage protection, so the battery dropped below these limits and phone now identifies the battery faulty and doesn't let it charge, because charging damaged Li-Ion cells can be dangerous, as Lithium is known to be able to catch fire/explode.

So the phone doesn't let to charge the battery in any way.

Anyways, I tried to jump start the battery (charge with bare wires) to give it initial charge and it worked. However, there goes my main problem: As soon as I insert the battery which has the initial charge, the phone starts to a bootloader (as there is no OS, formatted BINFS) and the bootloader prevents phone from charging.

Then, I tried to turn off the phone: Hold down power off button for 5 seconds - phone turned off. But as soon, as I release the button, red light flashes once (as it does everytime, you try to turn on the phone, it's normal) and then charge light comes for a second (as the battery is no longer considered faulty - phone lets it to charge), BUT then phone starts again to the bootloader and prevents further charge.

So: as soon as I release the power off button, after the phone has shutdown, it starts again, everytime, and soon the battery dies again.

So.. my own thoughts of solving this:

* Get a fully charged battery from a friend, install the windows on the phone, and then charge my own battery (I know noone, who may have HTC Tornado, will be hard to get);

* Buy some standalone dock charger, which can charge batteries directly and charge the battery happily (haven't seen any around yet, so will be really pain in the arse, to get one);

* Charge battery with bare wires for an extended period of time, to give it enough juice to install windows (which I strongly doubt, as battery damage could occur);

Any other ideas? :D Ideas, comments and personal experience, from people who know, or had similar experience is more than welcome. Looking forward for answers ;)

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