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G3 flashed with G4 files

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Is there any one able to read between the lines I need someone can seeing problem not reading surly there are too much faced the same problem and there a tons of trying. Actually problem is that.. My JAMin is G3 chipset.. But.. truth to tell; I hardspl it with G4 flash to see what will happening..! Now; IPL: 1.00 SPL: 2.G4.4PDA ( bootloader ) since 2 years ago and no more than and tons of trying and when I run a hardspl for G3 as usual 1- invalid tools / 2- when trying the original ROM it stopped at 80% and check the NBF / 3- when I run downgrade.bat I see the ( cmd ) dialog and it says would you like to try copy again when intlizing my dead JAMin I never gave up yet and useless no matter what I do. NOW; I am digging my JAMin grave..! my JAMin is detect as G4 chipset.. but it is G3 NOW; can you please guide me how I can write G3 Ipl/spl

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