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Altek T8680 mobile phone doubles as a 12MP camera with 3x zoom

Guest tsutton

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Guest tsutton
Altek T8680 mobile phone doubles as a 12MP camera with 3x zoom

Altek is a brand that we heard of very little but they have developed a mobile phone that comes with digital camera with 12MP and 3 x zoom.

Putting Taiwanese R&D into practice, Altek have recently announced their 12 megapixel digital camera with GSM phone function. Altek has dubbed it a "professional cameraphone" - meet the Altek T8680.

The camera lens extends out in a very camera-like fashion and just by looking at the back you'd never guess the Altek T8680 is a GSM phone. The benefit over almost all other cameraphones is of course the 3x optical zoom. Altek also claim that here is a separate dedicated imaging processor inside, which takes care of the camera part in a professional manner.

Not bad looking phone/camera with nice & big megapixels for taking great photos.

Would you buy a mobile phone with actual digital camera built in? Or are you happy with the standard camera that came with your normal mobile phone?

[Via: GSM Arena]
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