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Co Pilot 8 is here

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Guest darkly

I bought CO-Pilot 8 for my Android on D.V.D. after having used it on a Windows Mobile. It was a complete disaster. The D.V.D. wouldn't install properly and the support that I have received from ALK. is laughable. They never read your emails properly and do nothing to help.

Do yourselves a favour and avoid this company like the plague


CoPilot Live v8 sets a new standard in mobile navigation. It's the most powerful CoPilot yet, bringing the latest navigation and mapping technology to your smartphone to make every journey easier - and every journey better.


With maps stored on the phone and no monthly fees, it's your own knowledgeable and constantly informed companion by your side that's always ready to guide you to your destination. Equally as effective in-car or on-foot, it's as useful for driving to unfamiliar places as negotiating the daily commute or walking in town.

CoPilot Live v8 makes it easy to go places. With step by step address entry and street maps accurate down to house number or full UK postcode, its the smarter, more convenient way to have your navigation

* Address. Find an exact house number, street or full UK post code

* Improved: Points of interest. CoPilot Live v8 contains thousands of Points Of Interest such as restaurants and petrol stations. You can choose to navigate to a POI or make a phone call. Includes logos for familiar brands of hotels, restaurants and petrol stations in certain regions.

* New: My Places. Enables you to quickly navigate to commonly visited locations, including Home, Work, Favourites and Recent places

* New: Quick Stop. The easiest way to search for one of the most commonly used POI categories

* New: PhotoNav. Navigate directly to a geo-tagged photograph!

* Contact. Navigate to a contact in your address book just by selecting a name. (not currently available in CoPilot Live v8 for Android)

* Intersection. Find the way to a crossroads

* Coordinates. Enter latitude-longitude coordinates or an Ordinance Survey Grid Reference for the ultimate in precision destination entry

* Improved: Route preview View your entire route as a Turn List, as Turn Maps or even a simulation of the entire trip.

Buy it online at Alk.eu.com

Source: Alk.eu.com

I will be reviewing this product for you all in the coming days.

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